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Harbor Freight Gems

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This is a list complied at Woodnet Forums of what many believe to be good bargains at Harbor Freight. http://www.harborfreight.com

Item #45378 2HP Dust Collector (A true bargin)

Item #00623 1" Dial Indicator

Item #05645 Magnetic Base For Dial Indicator

Item #34214 Angle Finder

Item #36697 Feather Board

Item #36221 9" Drill Press Lock Clamp

6" thru 36" Bar Type Clamps, personally I have over a hundred. only one failure in 7 years.

Item #4067 3-Way Edge Clamp

Item #31255 ¾" HD Pipe Clamp Set

C-Clamps, All Sizes

Item #03629 7 Piece Forstner Bit Set (Good starter set)

Item #35837 29 Piece Brad Point Wood Drill Bit Set

Item #30756 7-Function Multitester

Item #41558 Magnetic Light

Item #47257 6" Digital Caliper (A true bargin)

Item #44566 Stacked Dado Set (A good first set)

Item #37861 10 Piece T-Handle Hex Key Set

Item #41796 1LB. Dead Blow Hammer

Item #90007 3 Piece SAE Ratcheting Wrench Set

Item #90008 3 Piece Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set

Item #42304 9 Piece SAE Wrench Set

Item #42305 9 Piece Metric Wrench Set

Item #00621 Spring Loaded Pumch

Item #00659 Magnetic Parts Holder

Item #42288 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Item #93656 23ga pinner

Item #42253 18ga brad nailer

Item #44667 18ga bran/stapler I've put on a couple of shake roofs with this.

Item #46320 50' auto return hose reel, $80. As good as any on the market for $200.

Item #46104 25' auto return reel, $40.

Item #00406 Jitterbug. Used it n used it n used it ......

Item #43430 great gravity feed gun

Item #46719 the little brother to the 43430

Item #00086 Conventional hi pressure touch up gun

Item #30224 Standard hi pressure 1qt gun

Item #00282 Die grinder. Had it for 12 yrs or so still works fine.

Item #52845 Mini die grinder with 1/8" collet

Item #46524 rev 3/8" drill

Item #07528 rev 1/2" drill

Item #00113 Body saw. cut up a whole pickup with this little gem.

Item #36567 sheet metal shear

Item #34945 3/8" impact

Item #53176 1/2" impact

Elect. tools;

Item #41831 12-1/2" planer. Though certainly no equal, design is similar to woodmaster planer.

Item #35570 Mortise machine. Put XY vise on it and its just a piece of cake to use.

Item #42203 4" angle grinder. Just won't die.

Item #32222 Hand planer. used it for several doors now, works fine.

Item #44914 1/4" plastic flush trim router. Base isn't much but works fine. similar to Ryobi, lots cheaper.

Item #42596 recip saw. Been beat up some and comes back for more.

Item #02957 SDS hammer drill. THese things are cool!! lots better than a hammer and chisle

Item #34706 wood lathe

Item #30289 6" jointer. Used the heck outta this thing.


Item #44768 solar panel. use them to keep the batteries in the lawn mowers up, over the winter.

Item #35841 Propane torch, quartz elect igniter.

Item #42396 Clamp on ammeter.

Item #04486 3 jaw 2" mini lathe chuck.

Item #37041 Corner chisle for hinge mortises

Item #37052 Nitrile gloves. (Often on sale for $5.99/100)

Item #03577 Transfer punches. (Often on sale for $8.99)

Item #1210 45 PC. THREADED INSERT RIVETER KIT (last seen for $13.99)


Item #35778 - Saber Saw. Its a Bosch clone, and while it gets some demerits because it requires the accompanying tool (screwdriver) to change blades (and there's no storage for the screwdriver on the tool itself), it has been a real good workhorse for me. I forget whether it comes with blades or not, but get good Bosch blades and it works like a gem. Clearly not a Bosch, but a decent enough clone.

*Item #5889 - Twist drills. I think their twist drills are a great deal when they're on sale for $10 for a full set of fractional sizes, #5889

Item #92956 - 3/8" Close Quarter Drill. I'm using it occasionally as a home owner and feel that it meets my needs (not sure if it would be suitable for a professional for every day use).

Item #47840- Bandsaw, Portable Variable Speed. Again, I'm using it on an occasional basis as a home owner and really feel that this is a worthwhile purchase. (I assume that it's of a lower quality than the Milwaukee brand.)

Item #04182- 2" Industrial Grade Chip Brushes. Very good for a disposable, consumable item. ITEM 92623 - 7" Variable speed sander/polisher. Bought it on sale for less than the price of a rental for a specific job but have used it several times since then

Item # 38142 - 13" Bench Top Drill Press - Have been very impressed with this unit...very strong 3/4hp motor, very low vibration, very low runout, good quill travel, and heavy. This DP replaced an 8" Grizzly, and I chose it over the Ryobi, Delta, Craftsman, Hitachi, and other Grizzly DP's. I honestly don't know what spending 2-3x more would get you (maybe a laser guide...). $144 on sale plus 10% coupon.

Item #37056-1VGA 2 PC. 1/2 HEAVY DUTY PIPE CLAMP SET. Lotta bang for your buck on these clamps. Occasionally the solid pin holding the screw shaft in will fall out. I just install a normal roll pin and continue using.

Item 97526-0VGA - Current item number for 23 ga Pin Nailer (item number above does not work)

Item 96395 - DRILL PRESS EXTENSION TABLE WITH FENCE. * 23-7/8" W x 11-5/8" L table dimensions * Aluminum T-track for jigs and fixtures * Adjustable fence for hold-down and stopping applications. Laminated MDF, same basic DP table sold by Grizzly, MLCS, and Rockler (sold as "mini" DP table), amongst others.

Item 98563-0VGA6" Digital Caliper with Storage Case. Normally $19.99 but can be found on special for $9.99

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